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Open Hand empowers our community through the practices and principles of traditional martial arts. Our programs cultivate resilience, compassion, responsibility, confidence, and connection.

Open Hand, a Community Martial Arts Nonprofit

Our goal is to bring the benefits of martial arts to anyone who wants them. We believe it’s not just the practice of karate that helps people be their best selves. It’s also the principles, which help us navigate a rough world and make it better for ourselves and those around us. We believe everyone can benefit from a welcoming place to work hard, strive, and be accepted no matter where you start. We’re more than punching and kicking, but if that’s your thing we’ve got you covered.

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Keep Moving and Growing through COVID-19 with Onine Karate from Open Hand

Karate In Your Living Room

KARATE CLASSES ONLINE NOW! Jump in and learn fundamentals of Ryukyu Kempo karate with Shihan Adam Frey of WaSenShiKan dojo and Open Hand as he teaches classes from home.

Our Programs

Karate Classes

Wa Sen Shi Kan Dojo, the martial arts practice arm of Open Hand, uses Ryukyu Kempo Karate as a tool to build stronger minds and bodies

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Open to the public, Open Hand seminars bring the fun and enriching aspects of martial arts to the community in short, accessible sessions.

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Open Hand funding comes from our programs and people like you. We need your help to keep our programming affordable, provide scholarships to those who need it, and reach underserved populations. We want to grow to provide martial arts classes and seminars in movement, conflict avoidance and resolution, and life protection to low income kids, veterans, folks who are neuro-atypical, abuse survivors, returning from incarceration, disabled, and more.

Your generosity and support makes this happen. Every dollar you give helps us reach more people and create a more empowered, connected community.

Donate to our current GoFundMe campaign here–and THANK YOU!