After School Program

Kids learn Ryukyu Kempo karate and do art, music, and movement activities in an after school program at the NW Rec Center. Led by black belt instructors Shihan Adam Frey (third degree black belt), Sensei Erika Munn (second degree), and supervising Rec Center staff, kids will learn karate fundamentals, and on a rotating basis do crafts, music, movement like yoga, and unwind after school in an environment that fosters respect, resilience, compassion, connection, and confidence. All skill levels and school age kids are welcome. The after school program will operate on the same calendar as the Cedar Rapids Community School District. As we grow, we hope to offer in-service day activities as well. Cost is $175/month with discounts available through the City of Cedar Rapids.

Register now through the CR Rec Department.

Karate Classes

Our karate programming goes through Wa Sen Shi Kan, the martial arts practice arm of Open Hand. Our instructors are third-degree black belt and Open Hand Executive Director/Founder Shihan Adam Frey and second-degree black belt Sensei Erika Munne, who use Ryukyu Kempo Karate as a tool to build stronger minds and bodies. We focus on self-improvement and cooperation instead of competition and real-world application of karate techniques with an emphasis on protection of self and those around you. We believe in conflict avoidance and resolution first; our students develop strength, confidence, respect, and awareness. Classes are $55/month for fundamentals and $25 for advanced (must also take fundamentals); scholarships are available through the City of Cedar Rapids. More information and registration is available through Wa Sen Shi Kan.

Classes are held year-round.


Several times a year, Open Hand hosts seminars for the public. Our most popular is life protection, where we focus on skills to move through life with more confidence and less fear. We call these seminars self-defense because that’s what most people are looking for when they feel unsafe, but the hard truth is that you can’t learn fighting skills in a couple hours that you’ll remember when you truly feel like your life or the life of a loved one is at stake. For that, you have to train until it’s automatic, which can’t happen in an afternoon. What we can teach is how to protect life–be alert and aware, make decisions about what to do based on observations, trust your instincts, break social barriers to increase safety, and avoid conflict. We also teach a few skills for worst-case scenarios with homework to practice, practice, practice.

We also offer seminars that are just plain fun, like how to look like a ninja with foam nunchucks.

Upcoming seminars are:

Karate Workshop with Kaicho
Join the head of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance for a day of karate! Open to all Wa Sen Shi Kan students and URKA members.
Saturday, August 24 9am-1pm @ NW Rec Center, no cost, $25 donation to our GoFundMe appreciated. Find the event on Facebook.

Sat., September 14 10am-12pm @ NW Rec Center, cost is $45 (foam nunchucks included!)

Self Defense
Saturday, November 23 10am-12pm @ NW Rec Center, cost is $35

Register through the City of Cedar Rapids.

Guest Teaching

We want to share what we do with as many people as possible. We visit scout troops, summer programs, and more to provide engaging presentations or workshops wherever we’re needed. Open Hand tailors our programs to whatever your group needs–anything from teaching a group of Girl Scouts how to be aware and defend themselves to fun movement activities to liven up a team-building event. Contact us for more information.